Niccolò Porcella

„Professional Extreme sport Athelete | Kitesurfer | Big wave rider | Wingsuit flyer | Skydiver“

Gymnastics, Base-Jumping, Martial Arts ...  Sardegna

Greatest successes

  • Largest kiting wave in history at Peahi
  • Winner of XXL World Surf League Wipe out of the Year Biggest Wave Awards - 2016
  • World record wingsuit (Flair) - 2018

Media Data

Key figures for sponsors

  • 53K followers on Instagram 
  • 30K followers on Facebook 
  • Average social media reach 15.000
  • Presence in several intarnational extreme sport magazines
  • Precence in several international extreme sport movies 
  • Precence on national geographic adventures 
  • Precence on Tv and international Journals
  • International visibility in extreme sport
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